• Rules –


    1. No inappropriate content
    • Asianovela is not a place for violence, gore, pornography, and any form of potentially harmful posts and comments.
    2. No misinformation
    • We do not allow the spreading of false information. This can cause potentially cause harm, which, depending on the severity, is not tolerated in this community.
    3. No Hate
    • We do not support hate, trolling, and violence against individuals and groups based on their own characteristics. These characteristics include but are not limited to religion, sex, personal opinions and beliefs, age and disabilities.
    4. No Spam
    • Do not create large amounts of repetitive and out of place posts and comments to seek attention. This also includes creating multiple accounts to create spam posts.
    5. No Illegal Activities
    • No illegal acts are tolerated on Asianovela. This includes but isn’t limited to impersonation of other people or groups, hacking, online threats and cyberbullying, posting and promoting illegal activities.
    6. No Private information
    • For the sake of safety of our users and individuals outside of Asianovela, posting or commenting of any personal information, whether the users own information or not, is not allowed.
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