Kidlat (English: Lightning; Malaysian: Halilintar) is 2013 weekly Philippine television drama to broadcast on TV5. It stars Derek Ramsay.
On December 17, 2012 TV5 unveils its Kidlat billboard on EDSA, but it was cause heavy traffic at EDSA, due to Derek’s appearance as Kidlat costume.
On January 6, 2013, before Kidlat airs on primetime, TV5 preview the series by airing its telemovie.


Voltaire was the son of the couple Dulce and Mario. At a young age, he and his mother impacting lightning from the “perfect storm”. He will have power but it also will keep to their mother. In its growth, he felt he alone in the world, but change all she knew was Lara.
Follow the life of Voltaire, an ordinary person who shall have strange power after lightning hit from the “perfect storm”. But rather than be grace, the power to divert it with Voltaire to his loved ones and draw him into dangerous opponent. Derek Ramsay Track of the strange story of family, love and resurrection of Kidlat!


Derek Ramsay as Voltaire/Kidlat
Ritz Azul as Joey
Nadine Samonte as Lara
Baron Geisler as Vincent Megaton Jr.
Wendell Ramos
Jay Manalo
Christopher de Leon as Vincent Megaton Sr.

reference: wikipedia

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Kidlat – Derek Ramsay Trailer