The casting list of “My Daughter So-yeong” has been revealed.

According to broadcasting officials, KBS 2TV drama “My Daughter So-yeong” has completed its casting at the end of July. Kim Ji-hoon-I, Park Jeong-ah, Choi Yoon-yeong and others have joined the list.

Producer Yoo Hyeon-gi explained, “The crew and staff have thought hard for a long time and finally we have a list. Choi Jeong-won and Lee Sang-yoon are the main and Kim Ji-hoon-I, Park Jeong-ah, Choi Yoon-yeong, Cheon Ho-jin and others have decided to join the drama. There will be rookie actresses and actors to present something new for the eyes to see”.

“My Daughter Seo-yeong” was first known as “My Daughter So-yeong” but there will be a new title released soon. Along with the title will be the outline of the drama and the rest of the cast.

This drama will be a sequel to “My Husband Got a Family” and is naturally in the highlight.

Meanwhile, “My Daughter So-yeong” is being produced by Yoo Hyeon-gi and is written by So Hyeon-kyeong about the reconciliation between a father and daughter. To be aired for the first time on the 15th of August at 7:55PM.

source: hancinema


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