Experience the reinvented 2012 Toyota Camry in “The One and Only”, starring South Korean actor Min-Ho Lee. In the compelling storyline, Lee plays a character whose journey is dynamically linked to the many features of the Camry.

Episode 1 Entune: Our hero suddenly rises from a coma. He has no idea who or where he is. All he has are the keys to his 2012 Toyota Camry. When he gets inside, something triggers a flood of images from his past. Then, when he uses the Camry’s Entune system, a key memory sets him on his journey.

Episode 2 MPG: Our hero’s journey continues. With its “Best in Class” MPG rating, the Camry takes him farther, and more importantly, brings him closer to the truth. But when he discovers that something is about to happen that will take his life and love away from him forever, he must race to stop it.

Episode 3 BSM: Time is running out for our hero. During an exciting driving sequence, the Camry’s Blind Spot Monitor helps him notice two motorcycles in hot pursuit. Will he get away and make it to his destination before it’s too late?

Episode 4 Airbags: In the dramatic conclusion of “The One and Only”, our hero must prove his identity to win back the love of his life. Without the Camry, he would not have made it this far, and there’s no way he’s going to give up now.

Joon is a caring, strong-willed and motivated young man. However, his entrance into the world began under difficult circumstances. Joon and his twin brother Kwon were both orphans. They’ve never known of each other’s existence, yet their lives are destined to intersect. Joon grew up in a loving, supportive environment, where he made the most of every opportunity presented to him. One of Joon’s proudest moments came when he was in college. He developed a software patent that he successfully sold, making him a fortune overnight. Then, as if by fate, he met Sohee. Their love for one another grew rapidly. And after Sohee happily accepted Joon’s proposal, he promised her that they would have a beautiful life together. But in every good story there’s a twist, and that occurs when Joon and Kwon’s lives finally intersect.

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Kwon is the definition of the “bad son”. He and his twin brother Joon were tragically separated at birth, both becoming orphans. But unlike Joon, Kwon’s early years were filled with so much rejection and neglect, it’s no wonder he ended up going down a dark path. He never thought he would turn to a life of crime, it just happened. And as the chip on his shoulder grew, so did the number of times he was in and out of jail. But during his last stint, he came across something that offered him hope for a new life – the knowledge the he had a twin brother. Joon’s life could have been his, should have been his. Driven by jealousy and greed, Kwon will do anything it takes to get what he wants, even if it means hurting others in the process.

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Sweet, pretty and very down to earth. This is Sohee. Although she comes from a wealthy family, she’s never had to rely on her parent’s money or power to get ahead in life. Through diligence and hard work, she’s become a success all on her own. But just when she thought she had it all figured out, Joon came along and swept her off her feet. Sohee fell madly in love with him and they’ve been inseparable since. Amongst all of Sohee’s wonderful qualities, however, she seems to have one flaw. Some might call it naivety, but to her, it’s that she simply believes in the goodness of all people. With her marriage to Joon on the horizon, will Sohee’s flaw ruin what should be the happiest day of her life?

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Ji-hyun is a smart, beautiful young woman who always looks out for others, especially her best friend Sohee. They share a strong, sisterly bond, and have always supported each other in good times and bad. Ji-hyun is very happy that Sohee found her soulmate in Joon. She’s excited to help plan their wedding, but lately has been thinking that Joon’s behavior seems a bit odd. Normally she might say something to Sohee or even Joon himself, but for some inexplicable reason, she hasn’t. Ji-hyun can sense something about Joon has changed; she just can’t put her finger on it yet.

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