Title : Love Actually(爱的蜜方)
English Title : Love Actually(爱的蜜方)
Country : China
Episodes : 35


Lee Dae Hae is Wang Xiao Xia, a naturally talented chef who works part-time jobs to scrape by as she supports her nephew Yang Guang. Due to a mistake by the real estate agent Chen Hao Jie (Li Yi Feng), Xiao Xia gets swindled by her landlord, leaving her homeless. With nowhere to go, Hao Jie takes Xiao Xia back to his house for the time being. Turns out the Chen family owns a very prominent restaurant chain. Through a series of misunderstandings, Xiao Xia is mistaken as Hao Jie’s girlfriend. But their odd behavior leaves the other Chen son Hao Feng suspicious of the real relationship.
Daddy Chen immediately takes a liking to Xiao Xia, so even after Xiao Xia’s real identity is revealed, she doesn’t get kicked out, and is instead being groomed as the successor chef. The personalities of Xiao Xia and Hao Feng are like water and fire, and they constantly bicker. After going through a series of situations together, they gradually grow closer and start to have warm feelings for each other. Hao Feng’s ex-girlfriend tries to create a wedge between the couple by manufacturing a series of misunderstandings. A cousin of the Chen family returns and plots to take over the family business. But with Xiao Xia’s perseverance and faith, the Chen family overcomes this ordeal. – credit – viki

Joe cheng
Lee Dae Hae
Li Yi Feng

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