Li Xiao Yang’s brightest moment in her life was the year she graduated from university. She was lucky enough to successfully become a flight attendant at an airline company, and since then, her life as a busy and common stewardess began. But when Meng Ke Huai accidentally entered her life, Xiao Yang’s life became like an uncontrollable racing car – no idea where her future would be speeding to.
Who is Meng Ke Huai? Born from a rich family, he was seen as a genius perfect student in everyone’s eys. His first fictional novel sold a million copies. His talent and his attractive smile brought him fame in a short period of time. How did a man like this and a common pedestrian like Li Xiao Yang cross ties together? The story must start from a plane ride from Taipei to Kaohsiung…
On that day, Xiao Yang was on duty on the flight to Kaohsiung. Meng Ke Huai was a passenger. He deliberately dressed plainly, planning to secretly meet with his secret lover, Yuan Jia Lin. Never did anyone think, once they landed to Kaohsiung, Xiao Yang and Ke Huai were kidnapped by obsessive book fans. The two were forced to spend the night together, and Ke Huai was forced to write the finale of his novel that he had long delayed. Luckily, under the inspiration of Xiao Yang, Ke Huai successfully finished the ending, and the two were safe and sound.
The miraculous meeting at Kaohsiung let Xiao Yang and Ke Huai become friends, especially when Xiao Yang discovered his boyfriend cheating on her behind her back, luckily there was Ke Huai to be by her side at her down times.
But after time passed, Ke Huai and Xiao Yang discovered that they cared about one another more and more. Facing a woman he was kind of familiar and also not quite familiar with, Ke Huai wanted to understand her more and more. Especially seeing Xiao Yang put all her thoughts into helping him finish his product, Ke Huai was incredibly touched. Why was this woman able to give so much passion, and yet she didn’t care what she got back in return?
Also, Li Xiao Yang, who never took risks, and stayed on the same path in life – would she be able to courageously catch this ‘ball’ of love thrown at her?


Johnny Lu
Janet Tsai
Darren Qiu
Vivi Lee
Patrick Lee

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