Sebastian Castro, the social media cutie who netizens love for his witty and funny videos, is now out and proud. And it’s for real this time.

Seb came up with a video late 2011 with the title “Sebastian Castro Comes Out” but it was a funny video where he revealed that he’s a Justin Bieber fan. Now, however, the new vlog “Sebastian Castro – I’m Gay (REAL COMING OUT)” is for real.

“I am gay, I am proud to be gay,” he confessed, adding that it feels good to finally be out. And to his mostly gay fans, he said, “I’m proud to be one of you.”

Sebastian is not only seen on the internet, though. He’s also a model and in fact walked the ramp of Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011. Acting opportunities also came his way via the critically-acclaimed Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank topbilled by Eugene Domingo.

sebastian castro Sebastian Castro says “I’m gay!” (Video)