After the Justin Bieber vomit video, another one, this time of Lady Gaga, has surfaced on YouTube.

The video shows the singer coming down a short flight of stairs towards a dancer who was obviously concerned at first. But when Gaga started dancing and throwing up at the same time, the dancer seemed to pick up that she wanted to go through the performance and that the show must go on.

Well, we saw Bieber ran towards the backstage after throwing up, but mother monster wouldn’t do that to her fans.

This video will make you give more regard to her as a performer. But why have they been vomiting? Is it nervousness (do they still feel nervous?) or pressure or they just ate a little too much before the show?

gaga 610x407 Lady Gaga Vomits During Live Performance (Video)

lady gaga barcelona 2012 Lady Gaga Vomits During Live Performance (Video)