Kim Hyun-joong showed off some hot action moves.

A picture from a scene of the drama was revealed where he conquers his opponent so quickly so that he can’t move.

Kim Hyun-joong was covered in mud and rolling on the ground to show his action moves. Apparently he received a round of applause from the staff who were watching him throw his body out there.

Kim Hyun-joong has been attending action school and working out hard to become tough guy Baek Miru in the drama “City Conquest

He’s also reduced his body fat to 7% with extreme exercise and dieting menthods.

Netizen’s say, “How can he be so handsome and cool?”, “I can’t wait to see him in his action scene” and more.

source: hancinema

kim hyun joong 406x610 Kim Hyun joongs Hot Action Moves in City Conquest