After finished army last month, Kang Dong Won appeared with some photos inside Highcut magazine.
For the pictorial, the -year-old actor asked his longtime partner, director Lee Myung Sei ( who directed Kang Dong Won in movie ‘Duelist‘ and ‘M‘) to direct the photoshoot with collaboration of photographer Lee Jeon Ho.

About the photos, PD Lee Myung Sei said that the pictorial is summarizing Kang Dong Won’s past while preparing his new future.

In the interview with the magazine, Kang Dong Won shared his 2 years serving the army , he said ,” At first, it’s kind of liberating as I was away from hectic competition. Entertainment business is just ilke sport world, there are heavy competition in it. I spent 2 years without competition, I was feeling relax at first but then I was also worrying , as I realized that serving army wasn’t my real job, I missed my acting world”.
Kang Dong Won also shared that his ‘dish washing ability’ gets better since serving army.
He said ,” one of my duties was washing beakers in the laboratory. It was endless”.

About his future plan, he said ,” In the next 2 years, I have 2 movie projects. One is in scheduling stage, and the other one is still in planning stage”.

Welcome back, Kang Dong Won !

source: koreanvibe

1 Kang Dong Won for Highcut Magazine

2 412x610 Kang Dong Won for Highcut Magazine

3 427x610 Kang Dong Won for Highcut Magazine

4 Kang Dong Won for Highcut Magazine

kang dong won Kang Dong Won for Highcut Magazine