After Meg, Julia Barretto is now on the cover of Chalk magazine’s June 2013 issue.

Julia has become a household name since she was launched as a member of the Star Magic Circle 2013. She landed her very first magazine cover on Meg’s May 2013 issue and it’s just right that she gets another one a month after because she’s indeed one of the prettiest among teen celebrities these days.

Aside from her pretty face, however, she has become part of the recent Barretto controversy, although indirectly. A word war between her aunts Gretchen and Claudine started when someone bashed Julia on Instagram. Gretchen thought it was Claudine who was allegedly not happy with Julia’s growing popularity. The misunderstanding between Gretchen and Claudine grew to the point that members of their family took sides – Claudine was backed by the Barretto matriarch and her sister Gia, while Gretchen had Julia’s mom Marjorie and their other brothers.

Meanwhile, Julia has a big project coming up. No details have been released yet but reports say Julia shed tears of joy when it was revealed to her.

julia barretto Julia Barretto on the Cover of Chalk June 2013