Joo Won is definitely hard working actor.
Since rose to stardom with Baker King in mid 2010, he already headlined another 2 successful dramas, Ojakgyo Brother (2011) and just finished Bridal Mask couple weeks ago.
Now, Joo Won’s agency confirmed that the 25-year-old actor still has a lot of energy and will take the leading man role for upcoming drama The Secret Lovers.

Inspired from 2007 movie ‘7 Grade Civil Servant‘ (Kang Ji Hwan & Kim Ha Neul), The Secret Lovers tells story of a couple who both hiding their identity as secret agents.
Joo Won plays Gil Lo. He’s a kind man , lives happily and joins National Intelligence Service and then he faces many unexpected difficulties.

20 episodes romantic comedy The Secret Lovers will air next January 2013 and still casting its leading lady.

source: koreanvibe


joo won3 Joo Won is Cute Spy in Upcoming Drama The Secret Lovers