Shocking, American Idol Top 7 results Jessica Sanchez voted off. Judges activate ‘SAVE’

Jessica Sanchez is safe.. for now after Idol judges activate their save card during eliminination night, April 12.

The wannabe diva was the least vote-getter, Thursday on one of the shocking eliminations on American Idol — but the judges used their about-to-expire ‘save card’ of the season to keep her in the competition.

interphoto 1334294121 Jessica Sanchez Voted Off American Idol, Angry Judges Save Her

Last night, the top 7 finalists performed songs from ‘This Decade’ and BBChez took Jazmine Sullivan’s ‘Stuttering.’

For now the top 7 will stay together. However, since the judges decided to save Jessica, they will no longer be able to save the remaining contestants who get booted off in the coming eliminations.

What are your thoughts on Jessica Sanchez being saved from elimination on American Idol? Did the pulic make the right vote? Sound off below.