This year marks the 20th anniversary of actor Jang Keunsuk’s debut.
To commemorate this milestone, Jang held special “Dinner Concerts” in Seoul on December 9th, Busan on the 15th, Osaka on January 20th and 21st, Tokyo on the 23rd and the 24th.

The show is a special event held to thank his fans in Korea and Japan for 20 years of unyielding love and support.
All tickets were sold out immediately after sales began.
500 from Seoul, 400 from Busan adding to a total of 900 in Korea alone.

Unlike in Korea, Japanese fans could only book tickets if their registered numbers were selected via lottery.
20 thousand fans were eager to win a chance to purchase the tickets, proving Jang’s amazing popularity in Japan.
2 concerts were held in Osaka and 2 more in Tokyo.
The lucky 3,500 fans who beat the odds of 6 to 1 were delighted to be the chosen ones.

The performances each lasted around 3 and a half hours.
The show featured a look back at the star’s early years in his 20-year career, and a heart to heart conversation between Jang and the fans.
He also performed various songs from his TV drama’s OST.
It was truly a wonderful gift from Jang to his fans.

The crowd went wild when rare footage of Jang during his childhood were shown.

Jang went up to one lucky fan to personally hand her roses as well.
It was a special time for Jang and the fans to grow closer together, and to forge an even stronger bond between the star and his supporters.
Some of the fans were so deeply touched that many burst into tears.

Although Jang does speak fluent Japanese and usually interacts with the Japanese press and fans in their language, this time he spoke to fans in Korean to better deliver what’s on his mind.

He expressed gratitude for this very special and important opportunity as it gave him a chance to take time out to thank and talk to the people that made his 20-year career thus far a success.

Jang added that there are more great years ahead for him and his fans, and that he look forward to another brilliant 20 years with them.
He asked his fans to support him just the way they do now as he will work harder than ever with them on his mind.


jang Jang Keunsuk Celebrates His 20th Anniversary