Guji Lorenzana is shirtless-on-the-beach sexy

Guji Lorenzana is Cosmopolitan Philippines’ online hunk for the month of April 2012. And since we’re on the last week of the month, this is also the last week the mag is uploading pics of him on the website.

The singer and actor, who was last seen doing the role of Toni Gonzaga’s love interest in Wansapanataym last month, reveals more of his sexy side in Cosmo’s steamy interview.

Find out how young he was when he did “it” for the first time, what part of a woman’s body he finds sexiest, the wildest place he’s done “it,” and a lot more!

Below are some photos from Guji’s four weeks of being Cosmo Online Hunk this month. And there’s a whole lot more of his sexy pics at the Cosmo website!


Guji Lorenzana 406x610 Guji Lorenzana Cosmopolitan Philippines’ Online Hunk April 2012