Local clothing brand Folded & Hung has just released their Summer 2013 ad campaign featuring some of the hottest celebrities in local showbiz.

Sam Milby looked so fit in his shirtless shot, wearing only a pair of blue, floral board shorts. The campaign was hashtagged #EndlessSummerNights, #Chill, #BeachHouse and #WhereWillYouBeThisSummer.

Angel Locsin, on the other hand, exuded that seductive, very feminine side of her while she looked so comfortable on a white sofa with colorful pillows.

Aside from the two, young actors Enrique Gil, Elmo Magalona and Alden Richards were also in the campaign donning floral prints and stripes which seem to dominate the brand’s summer collection.


fnh 2 441x610 Folded & Hung Summer 2013 Campaign (Photos)

fnh 3 Folded & Hung Summer 2013 Campaign (Photos)

fnh 4 Folded & Hung Summer 2013 Campaign (Photos)