Viewers are heating up the SBS drama “Five Fingers” bulletin with demands of Ham Eun-jeong stepping down.

“Five Fingers” is written by Kim Soon-ok and is about youths with a past recovering from their pain and finding their dreams and love once again. The cast includes Chae Si-ra, Joo Ji-hoon as Yoo Ji-ho the genius pianist and Ji Chang-wook as Yoo In-ha who envies his talents. Ham Eun-jeong was cast for the role of sentimental pianist Hon Da-mi who steals the heart of the two men.

However, as T-ara is in a hot spot right now about the out casting of new member Hwa-yeong, Ham Eun-jeong isn’t looked too pleasantly upon. Her agency Core Contents Media banned Hwa-young from the group and explained that was done because of her independent actions but the fans still eye T-ara in a displeased way.

As much as the role of Hong Da-mi takes up a big part of the drama, many are requesting for Ham Eun-jeong’s step down.

They say, “Bullying is a huge social matter but can you let her be seen like this on public TV?”, “If we let her be active in this society where idols are a big influence on our youths, then we can say we’ve admitted to bullying and allowed it” and more. However, some say there is no need for a witch hunt when nothing has been proven for sure.

source: hancinema

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