Charice Pempengco has fired Grace Mendoza as her manager.

The international singer recently took to Twitter to tell everyone that she is no longer connected with Mendoza, her long-time manager.

A bit of news, Grace Mendoza is no longer my manager. I thank her for the work and time she has (cont)

— Charice(@OfficialCharice) August 7, 2012
Charice further tweeted that her Canadian road manager and personal assistant Courtney Blooding is her new point of contact.

Days before that, however, Charice seemed to have gotten tired of people talking against her and she posted a message on the same Twitter account to express her ire.

I do not like people talking sh** about me, my friends or my family. Specially when you know that they’re lying….

Charice Longer Tweets TwitPlus 610x242 Charice fired Grace Mendoza

— Charice(@OfficialCharice) July 27, 2012
The question is, are the two tweets connected? Or is the angry tweet not at all connected to the firing of her Pinoy manager? One thing, though. Charice didn’t fire Mendoza back then when the latter prematurely spilled the news about her joining the cast of Glee.

Whatever the case, we guess Charice should realize that a lot (if not all) of famous people get bashed, criticized and talked against a lot. We think she should just take all of those as part of the fame.

image3 Charice fired Grace Mendoza