Joo Won’s double for Bridal Mask , Lee Tae Young, wrote on Twitter last week ,”Joo Won is the best actor that I’ve ever met. We’re 2 men who different but our harmony are excellent as we’re friends and in the same age. Good job, my friend”
He then posted his photos with Joo Won.
It’s nice to see Joo Won and his stunt-man are close, right ?

Meanwhile, 28-episodes Bridal Mask finally ended on a sad ending on September 6 and you know what, Bridal Mask was really a live filming drama as Joo Won filmed several scenes of the last episode exactly in the same day , September 6. Duh !

But, there’s no complaint from Joo Won, instead he expressed his sadness that the drama was going to end. He took his twitter on September 6 and wrote , ” The end. 2012.9.6. Bridal Mask’s shooting ended. The weather is breezing now… Thanks for everybody… I feel that I want to drop some tears”.

Joo Won then attended the drama’s closing party on the same day in a place at Yeouido. And Joo Won should not drop some tears because Bridal Mask was a success drama with rating surpassed 20% for several last episodes and the drama itself definitely elevated Joo Won as a respected leading man.
Congratulation , Joo Won !

source: koreanvibe

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