The alleged misunderstanding between Angelica Panganiban and Angel Locsin started in a scene from their 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) movie One More Try where the two had a catfight that involved a lot of slapping and pulling of hair.

The said part of the movie was recently uploaded on YouTube by Star Cinema and it was indeed a heated scene. You could feel Angelica’s anger that stemmed from jealousy, and Angel’s desire to fight back but and protect the baby in her womb at the same time were really intense.

Talks say the scene caused the rift between the two Kapamilya stars. Angelica, however, defended herself by saying you cannot fake scenes like that.

“Alam mo, ‘yong mga ganoong eksena kapag pineke mo mas halata,” she said. “Mas nakakatawa lang ‘yung kalalabasan ng eksena. Sabi ko nga kung may mapipikon o magagalit e napaka-unprofessional naman para maramdaman ng artista ‘yon, na personalin ang eksena.”

She also said that she and Angel didn’t have much time to bond while they were filming the movie because of the “heavy” story and the emotionally-charged scenes that they had to do.

one more try Angel Locsin and Angelica Panganiban’s Catfight Scene Caused the Rift in “One More Try” (Video)

Here’s the video of the catfight scene that allegedly caused the rift: